Fermi Energia to start cooperation with Ukranian firm Eco-Optima

On Monday 28th of November Fermi Energia AS and Eco-Optima LLC signed in Lviv, Ukraine MOU regarding the parties’ collaboration with the aim of studying deployment of a small modular reactor in Ukraine. The parties agree to share with each other any non-confidential studies that they perform under this agreement, either done on their own or performed with other partners. The parties intend to cooperate in and support eachother potential SMR deployment with potential in district heating and technical assistance.

Kalev Kallemets, CEO of Fermi Energia commented: “We in Estonia are certain that Ukraine will win the Russian agression war against its nation and state. Now is not too soon to start planning for restoration from the horrible war to have hope and better future for Ukraine. European Council has granted Ukraine the status of a candidate for accession to the EU. Thus to align with EU climate policy, Ukraine needs to plan to decarbonize its power generation, which now in Western-Ukraine include three large coal power plants that terrorist Russia has targeted with cruise missiles. Fermi Energia has over close to 4 years of Small Modular Reactor (SMR) deployment development in Estonia gained practical understanding of EU energy policy, SMR deployment challenges, deployment program, economics, risks, financing and resources to support Eco-Optima in consideration of SMR deployment in Western-Ukraine. We hope to be aligned on SMR technology choice and create common value added in years to come.”

“Visits this year by our company CEO Zinovii Kozytskyi and team to Tallinn have confirmed that Fermi Energia and Estonia is relyiable ally for Eco-Optima and Ukraine. Know-how of Fermi Energia helps us speed up consideration of Small Modular Reactors to ensure security of supply and energy independence of Ukraine faster than trying to develop all know-how alone. Nuclear energy is already now cornerstone of Ukrainian energy supply and Ukraine has great potential to deploy Western SMRs for decarbonized, affordably priced electricity and district heat in parallel with renewable energy,” said Taras Fedak, Director of Development of Eco-Optima.

Eco-Optima LLC is Ukrainian private company has developed and owns over 200MW of renewable energy projects and develops natural gas extraction in Western-Ukraine.
Fermi Energia AS is Estonian private company that develops Small Modular Reactor deployment in Estonia.

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