Power grid

A startup in the smallest Baltic state could play an outsized role picking the winner in what the nuclear industry hopes will be its next big thing.

Fermi Energia OU is looking at proposals to build a small modular reactor, or SMR, in Estonia by the middle of next decade. The units are supposed to provide cheaper and more flexible generation than traditional atomic plants. The project could wean the market of 1.3 million people off their dependence on oil, while also securing energy independence from Russia.

“We are the first one trying a nuclear deployment,” said Fermi founder and Chief Executive Officer Kalev Kallemets.”Our time line in Estonia is very similar to the one for development and licensing of small modular reactors.”

Read article in full length: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-25/a-baltic-startup-throws-lifeline-to-nuclear-s-next-big-thing

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